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wiikey-fusionInstalling the Drivkey is plain sailing. First, to install it, you need to access its DVD-ROM drive onto which Drivekey modchip will be installed and for which you have to open the Nintendo WiiU. You should note here that after opening up of your Nintendo WiiU, you will lose its manufacturer’s repair warranty. Now, to open the WiiU, you must be having a micro-mini head screwdriver and a Triwing. The whole process is very simple and is explained in detail here.

Before plugging, the first step needs to be the configuration of your Drivekey for the current region console which is done using the DIP switch. The switch’s covering of thin plastic is taken out and the correct region is set into it.
Now, after accessing carefully the WiiU’s DVD-ROM drive, brown clamp on it is lifted to pop up the ribbon cable. Then, the flexcable mounting from the motherboard of WiiU is removed from the clamp on the drive. The Drivekey clamps are fully pulled out from both ends and flexcable is inserted with blue side up into the Drivekey’s side marked as ‘WiiU’ and then clamp is pushed from both sides for cable security.

The next step is the flexcable with black side facing up which came along with Drivekey is taken hold of to insert it into the WiiU’s DVD-ROM drive from where the cable coming from WiiU is just now removed and then this flexcable’s other side is inserted into the Drivekey’s side marked as ‘DVD’. Now, after checking that the DVD-ROM drive is connected to the power cable, the WiiU is put back together. After closing it, the Nintendo WiiU is switched on and then after reaching to the ‘Disc Channel’, the ‘Eject’ button situated on the Nintendo WiiU is pressed 3 times so that the RED LIGHT in the Drivekey is lit up. Now, the WiiU’s ‘Disc Channel’ will show that a game ‘GameCube’ has been inserted into it.

Play Game BackupsAfter this, the game ‘GameCube’ is booted from the ‘Disc Channel’ menu to enter the configuration menu. After booting the game, the Drivekey’s configuration menu is controlled by using the reset button placed on WiiU. The reset button is pressed again and again quickly to navigate through the options and after one of the option is selected to change, the button is just hold down for few seconds and then, the option’s settings menu can be cycled through. Now, WiiU Disc Autoboot, Full GC Region Free, Region Override and Update Blocker can be configured using this menu. Also, the Drivekey can be turned on and off with the help of this menu.
WiiU Disc Autoboot will self-start automatically any game you have inserted into your console and each and every game need not be launched manually. GameCube import games from other countries can be booted on your WiiU with the help of Full GC Region Free. You must know that USA/JAPAN games are NTSC games and for making them work on a PAL which is EUROPEAN console, a TV is required which can support NTSC video signals and vice-versa too.

Region Override will serve in booting WiiU import games on WiiU from any country. Update Blocker is used in conjunction with Region Override which can be set to block ‘All’ if all updates from every game you run need to be blocked or ‘Imports’ if you are playing only the WiiU games which will not ‘brick’ or block your WiiU.

After the chip has started working, a bit of electrical tape is needed to be put underneath the chip on the metallic shielding and after this, the chip is taped down with some more tapes so as to insulate the whole chip and make it stop conducting electricity thus, preventing the WiiU from the damage when putting it back together. The Drivekey girl sticker can also be used instead of the tape to put on the top of the chip to insulate it.

Linux Desktop Wii U


You must have understood the configuration software for installation which is already provided as built-in software in the Drivekey. Now, lets understand that how to make it work with back-ups. Using the DVD-R discs for burning the legal backups is very simple and easy to do but if you are using the DVD+R discs or DVD+RW discs, the book type needs to be changed firstly to DVD-ROM manually. There are many methods to do this which depends on the drive or its utilities or the software which is used for burning by you.
If you want to see the instructions for burning with DVD+R using IMGBURN by changing the book type setting, you can go here.
This piece of technology can boot everything you feed it, except some of the Trucha signed discs as WiiU’s system menu stops them from booting. The Drivekey, unlike other chips, identifies the discs very fast and show them up in the Disc Channel menu.
All the listed Drivekey’s features like Auto-booting, Brick-blocking and even disabling the chip are being tested and they all worked fine. Gecko OS on which you are able to use legal backups with your cheats, is also compatible with booting backups so you don’t need to worry about that.

All DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+RW discs were tested and they booted perfectly fine if you go according to the instructions. Also, Super Mario Galaxy and Dual Layer Media worked very smoothly. All in all, anything which was listed worked perfectly fine.

But also, it has its own chip limitations. It can read at a speed of 3x as described in its advertisement while some other chips can read even at 6x. It also took a little more time to load the games which display ‘Loading’ as compared to other chips. So, there is a little loading delay but all the games which were being tested worked fine and you can’t tell any difference while you are playing the game. The one more limitation is that it does not support GameCube games that contain CDDA tracks which come up during the play and one can be stuck with a stammering sound. So, it can really disappoint some of the hard core fans of GameCube for not having the streaming audio. However, by using older GameCube tools, you can manually change the streaming audio settings for preventing the stammering sound.


The Drivekey’s installation process takes less than 5 minutes and is one of the easiest to do and a built in configuration menu is a nice added feature so that customers do not need to waste other media for running it. Also, it has all its functionalities working which are listed in its advertisement. Even if the more new versions of WiiU’s will come out, buyers won’t remain ‘high and dry’ with a useless chip because of the utility of updating it through a DVD or a JTAG programmer. So, would people prefer this chip over other modchips available in the market? At this time, that is a hard thing to answer. But according to me the answer is positive because the only other alternative in the market uses a ‘clip’ which gets attached on DVD-ROM IC which can easily become loose after some time. Also, for a D3 this is the only option available for the buyers that can boot backups on console. Also, with the Drivekey no soldering is required.
So, this chip makes a bold statement and will change the way modification chips are designed in the future for WiiU. It is surely going to take over the market and consumers who can’t take risk with their WiiU will go for it only.


  • Easy installation process
  • Completely solder-less (Plug ‘n’ Play) and no-clip
  • In-built configuration menu
  • Components high in quality
  • Performs all the functions as listed


  • Restricted to a speed of 3x
  • No GameCube streaming audio
  • Very thin Flexcable included without insulation
  • High price