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Using Homebrew on WiiU

Homebrew Browser iconThe hardware of Nintendo Wii is the basis for the structural design of WiiU, which is why the homebrew tools utilized for development intended for Nintendo Wii may also be used for the development of WiiU. There is a compatibility mode feature in Wii U, and through this, Gamecub homebrew may be run through it, but at a slower time interval compared to the actual applications of WiiU. But there are, of course, certain functions that only WiiU would be able to access, such as the Wii U Remote feature.

wii file folderIn 2013, during the 27th Annual Chaos Communication, one of the more popular congresses held in December, the homebrew code was being showcased, wherein it was run through the actual mode for WiiU. This demonstration showed how the code was able to respond and run through WiiU Remote. Because of the Twilight Hack software that was released, the homebrew code may now be run through Wii U without having to modify the hardware. Team TWiiUzers was responsible for the release and it was the very first that enabled this kind of feature in WiiU. However, it was rumored that Firmware 3.4 would not be able to block this software, but Firmware 3.3 would be able to stop the hack, which runs on ‘alpha’ version. Nintendo released a statement wherein it says that due to modifications that may seem to be not authorized, and harm or rather affect the game play of the people, by simply updating the menu of WiiU to 3.3 would make it possible to immediately remove and check if there are certain save files. In order to cope up with this, the Team TWiiUzers came out with a ‘beta’ version wherein it would now become compatible with the updates for 3.3 as well as 3.4. Another update for WiiU has been developed, which is 4.0, and was said said this would certainly squash the bug of Twilight hack.

WiiU media player

Nintendo Wii is very much similar to the Optical Drive of WiiU to the point that even the flaws are relatively similar. Another similarity of the two was the method that is going to be added to WiiU wherein Nintendo intends to add DVD support on WiiU which implies that the console would now be able to load data and various programs that are on DVD, and this is similar to Wii since this was kind of method was used to run a homebrew software on it.

Releases were made by Team TWiiUzers like for instance DVDX as well as mPlayer which runs on Wii U. DVDX gives the console capability to read or even play different kinds of DVD even if it is another kind of software.