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WiiKey 2 Wii U Mod-Chip Reviewwiiu iso torrent download


Wii Key 2, the successor of the first generation modchips boasts of all the features of its kind and also some unique feature which make it stand apart. It features compatibility with every current modchip available for Wii. It also has a config disc to configure the internal settings and also the Advanced Automatic Region Detection (AARD) on DVD-ROM drives and also a recovery mode. It has well-assembled high quality components manufactured in high quality factories.

Wii U Mod-Chip Installation

For installing it, first you need to open up your Wii (which will make you lose its warranty). Just unscrew the 21 screws using a Triwing driver and a Philips screwdriver. Now you need to solder the chip using the connectors on it. After soldering, just switch on your Wii without closing the case and test an original game from the current region enabling Region Free Gameplay.

Wii U Chip Usage

After inserting an original game, run the Config disc (available for download on its website) to change the settings like GameCube Audio Fix, Region Patcher, and some of the different read speeds(recommended 6x). All original games, original and imported backups, GameCube discs, custom created games and even the ‘Trucha’ signed discs via Gecko OS worked perfectly fine on it.

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Review Conclusion

The Wiikey 2 has the capability of booting everything which is given to it. If you are good at installing with the required soldering and with the compatibility for all the current chips available in the market, high quality components, easy installation process, you are definitely going to love to buy this modchip for your Wii and even PS Vita game backups.

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