Running Linux Kernel on Wii U

Wii U Hacked

There is a great possibility that Linux utilities, as well as Kernel, would be ported to Wii U just as it was made available for GameCube, Nintendo Wii, NDS and even on GameBoy Advance. (GBA Linux). The console is equipped with Wii U Remote, which is considered to be a pointing device, Bluetooth, has hardware of 802.11b/g, an impressive clockspeed, as well as internal memory for Flash, which would make it capable of running Linux at a greater speed compared to the hardware of Wii or GameCube.

wiiu linux desktop pc

As with many other platforms, there is an effort to port the Linux kernel and utilities to the Wii U. The Wii includes a pointing device (the Wii Remote), 802.11b/g hardware, Bluetooth, USB ports (and therefore USB keyboard support), internal Flash memory, and an SD card slot. Due to these features as well as the improved CPU clock-speed, it has the potential to be a more useful platform for Linux than the older GameCube hardware. There already has been a demonstration that happened in December 2012, which showed Wii running on basic homebrew applications in WiiMode.

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