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Nintendo Wii U Game Backups

Come here to download latest Nintendo WiiU game backups. ISO files, WiiU roms and WBFS files for all the U and regular Wii games ever released. Zelda, Super Mario, Mariokart, Metroid WiiU roms. Pokemon WiiU iso torrent and Rapidshare download.

WiiU zelda rom


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admin 11 / 01 / 2013, 16:05

Nintendo is one of the top video game companies around the world. They are also known for their good work in developing and designing game consoles and video games. The company was first established in 1889 in Japan. They started with making hanafuda cards, which are popular Japanese playing cards. They also tried other businesses until they found good business with video games in the 1970s. The game company is also credited for giving the video game industry a new leash when they developed popular games like the Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. The NES was introduced to America in 19865. It was also recognized as the game that brought back the popularity of the of home video games to the Americans. It reminded the gamers that there are still good titles after bad ones caused the industry to go down poorly in 1983.

Top Nintendo Wii U Games

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Wii U Modchips and Softmod tools

admin 11 / 01 / 2013, 15:42

wii-u-detailsDrivekey, the world’s first entirely solder-less and absolutely no clip modification chip to the Nintendo WiiU, has now arrived on the shelves of online stores and ready to take over the market after so much of its pre-launch hype. It continues to stay the only solution for Modding WiiU DVD-ROM drives like D3 aka D2nothing that had some extra anti-piracy features implemented and leads the future of 4th generation modchips for the WiiU . The working of the chip is very simple; first the WiiU is opened and then the chip is plugged in between the two flex cables connecting WiiU motherboard to the DVD-drive and then WiiU is put back together to close, therefore, no soldering is involved.wii-modchip-sale
The manufacturers of Drivekey have maintained their high quality and assembly standards as they did in WiiUkey, Xbox D2CKEY, D2PRO, d2lite, WiiUkey2 and Drivekey while being on a thinner chip, has come out as a solidly built, well designed chip, assembled of very high quality components including the DIP switch module & flexcable clamps. The flexcable which is given along looks a bit thin and can easily break on bending. The new stickers are an attractive addition as one is with general information for the chip and the other larger one spots a hot girl on it.

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